Special Collections

Pieces of the Prairie Exhibition








Curated by The Triplett Sisters

Pieces of the Prairie explores the early pioneer life on the plains through 19th century quilts from the Poos Collection, one of the largest privately held collections in the world. Mixed in the exhibition are seven modern quilts that are inspired by these traditional quilt patterns, but with a very contemporary look.


Abstract Quilts in Solids/37 Sketches







by Fiber Artist Gwen Marston

Gwen Marston is a professional fiber artist, author and teacher.  She has taught nationally and internationally for over three decades.  She has written 30 books, two of which won awards:  37 Sketches and Mary Schafer: American Quilt Maker.

We are fortunate to have two of Gwen Marsten’s collections for you to view.  We have a collection of her Abstract Quilts In Solids and also the collection of 37 Sketches Quilts.  You will certainly want to see these at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival