Doodle Quilting

Doodle quilting is a fun way to create a beautiful texture for background or allover quilting. Learn new shapes and ideas and mix them with designs you already know! Julia will teach you how to balance different elements, scales, and densities so that students will leave the class confident and inspired.

Three Hour Workshop:  Date and Time TBD

Student Capacity:  24

Julia Quiltoff


Julia Quiltoff

Julia’s passion for creating with fabrics has spanned over a decade, but upgrading to a longarm in 2014 transformed her quilting life into a magical journey. Julia loves working with different textures and colors while having the freedom to design and discover different styles and techniques in longarm quilting. She considers herself as an always-learning, curious, and inquiring quilter who is hungry for new ideas, designs and visions. Her classes are just as magical and attract students of all levels throughout the country. Students love learning techniques for longarm quilting alongside Julia’s fun, friendly, and inquisitive demeanor.