Hand Stitch Reverse Applique

Learn how fun and easy it is to hand stitch reverse applique while you create the beautiful Honey Rose 18” x 18” quilt piece. You’ll learn our unique technique of under-coloring to add spots of color to your reverse applique, too. And it’s all done with Eye of the Beholder’s simple 4-step method: Trace, Bate, Snip & Stitch. Then we’ll come in with a touch of applique to add further dimension, still with our same 4 easy step method. Finish your piece as a table topper, a wall-hanging, or a pillow. Come join the fun! I will lead you step by step through the process. Learn how easy it is to get sharp points, crisp corners and graceful curves. You will love the results you get and you don’t get hung up on the pins. Be empowered to do reverse needle-turn appliqué by hand, do it like a pro and enjoy it!

Six Hour Workshop: Date and Time TBD

Student Capacity: 20

Supply List:
Honey Rose pattern (kit if purchased)
17 1⁄2” x 17 1⁄2” square of light batik for background (pale yellow/ white)
17 1⁄2” x 17 1⁄2” square of dark batik for top (Dark Blue)
4 – 2” x 2” squares green for under-coloring of leaves
4 – 4” x 4” squares of yellow for under-coloring of bee-hives
1/8 yd. for applique Flower center & under Bee-hives (Orange/ red)
10 – 15 Safety pins for pin basting, or straight pins
No. 7 sharp needle for basting
No. 11 Milliners needle for appliqué
1 spool of Button or quilting thread for basting (CONTRASTING COLOR to top batik)
1 Spool each of threads for stitching (SAME COLOR as top & applique batiks)
1 pair small, sharp scissors
Helpful items: Needle threader for small-eyed needles

Required: Honey Rose pattern: $15.00 print / $11.25 digital available at www.eobquiltdesign.com .
Fabric Kits will be available. Check www.eobquiltdesign.com for information.

Margaret Brewster Willingham


Margaret Brewster Willingham

Margaret is the founder and creative force of Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design. She is a retired professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. “I used to choreograph dances. Now I choreograph quilts.” “Two things inspire me”, says Willingham, “Creating things of beauty, and helping others to find their creative voice while gaining the skills to make beautiful things. Behind me in all of this is God, the ultimate creator of all beauty”. Margaret, a quilter who specializes in hand appliqué and reverse needle turn appliqué and designing uniquely elegant patterns, fell in love with all things fabric and beautiful at home. Many of the designs Margaret creates for Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design were inspired by the craft men’s work of the Victorian Era, where the necessary functionality of a thing was imbued with a touch of elegance.]encourages and inspires, Margaret shares her love of quilting while empowering quilters through trunk shows and workshops for hand and machine reverse applique and paper piecing.