It’s All in the Sashing (class added January 28th)

The objective of this workshop is to help students learn how to decide on a sashing treatment when  setting blocks together. Instruction in calculating yardage and figuring out cutting is included. It is  important to know that all students will not be making the same quilt in this class. Students will  arrive with their blocks already completed. During the class, everyone will have a chance to “try on  sashings” using Barb’s original grey scale sashing flannel design walls. Each student will choose a  sashing design and go home with all calculations completed so they are ready to start cutting and  sewing at home. 

6 Hour Class – HAND WORK CLASS
June 19, 2021 – 9:00am
Room: A1
Fee: $110

Student Capacity: 20

Handout fee – payable to instructor: $5

A word about the completed blocks: 

  • Any size, greater than 8”, is fine as long as they are all uniform in size and squares. (For example,  please do not bring some 8” blocks and some 12” blocks, bring all the same size for this project.) 
  • Blocks can be all the same pattern or they can be a collection of sampler blocks. They can be pieced  or appliqued or embroidered. You can even use pre-printed blocks as long as they are squares. 

Number of blocks to bring: 

  • 4 or 6 will work with sashings on the outside of the blocks. 
  • 9 is really good and will give you flexibility to include outside sashings or not. More than 9 is fine but you should only plan on getting a couple rows completed in class. 


  • Bring two or three fabrics that coordinate nicely with each other and with your blocks. I am sorry  but I have to be sort of vague about the amount since everyone will not be making the same quilt.  Bring between 3/4 yard and 1 1/2 yards of each fabric – the smaller amount if you have fewer  blocks, the larger amount if you have many blocks.  
  • If you have fabric that is the same or similar to the background fabric in your blocks, bring it too,  although you may not use it. 

Other supplies: 

  • Note taking supplies to include a PENCIL and an eraser 
  • Small calculator


Class Registration $110
Available Tickets: 20
The Class Registration ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.


Barb Eikmeier


Barb Eikmeier

Here's a little about me - I learned to sew in 4-H and made my first quilt while in high school but didn't start quilting seriously until after my marriage in 1984. I've been teaching quilting since 1990 and my favorite technique is applique'. Married to a military man, quilting became my portable career as we moved around the country and to South Korea for military assignments. I'm the mother of two, grandmother of one, and author of four quilting books. I'm a fabric designer for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, a pattern designer, a Craftsy instructor, and I present programs and workshops to guilds around the country. I live in Lansing, Kansas with my husband and two dogs where in addition to quilting I enjoy flower gardening, baking pies, writing, and sailing on our vintage sailboat at nearby Perry Lake.