Let’s Play with Hot Fix

This class is for all quilters, whether you are the seasoned quilter who appliqués or the novice who has not ventured into the appliqué arena of quilting.  Glo Stahlhut will teach you how to use a new adhesive, Hot Fix, for appliqué.  In this class you will complete 2 different projects.  One will be learning how to appliqué fabric on paper and the second will be creating the top for a table runner appliquéing fabric on fabric utilizing Hot Fix.  Learn how you can expand or begin your journey with appliqué.  Hot Fix is an adhesive that is applied to fabric like other fusibles but is permanent and will keep your fabric from fraying.  Additionally, have you explored the potential to appliqué other mediums besides fabric?  Hot Fix and be used to appliqué on fabric on other fabric, paper, wood, felt, canvas, or burlap.  What a cool way to expand your quilting expertise.  This application will reduce the time to appliqué.  Do not let the concern of stitching around the appliqué deter you.  Hot fix can be either stitched like other fusibles or you do not have to stitch around it since it keeps the fabric from fraying.  How easy can it be?  Join us for new quilting experiences!

Two and a Half Hour – HAND WORK CLASS
June 17, 2021 – 4:00pm
Room: 1
Fee: $40

Student Capacity: 32

Required Kit Fee – payable to instructor: $20


Class Registration $40
Available Tickets: 17
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Gloria Stahlhut


Gloria Stahlhut

Glo (Gloria Stahlhut) started quilting over 25 years ago, making her a third-generation quilter. She found that quilt shops carried limited wide backs for quilts. Glo started her business, Quilted Glo, in 2007 to focus on wide backings, while she was an executive for a large company. She retired from her professional career in 2017 to focus on her business and her passion for quilting. She travels to numerous states to speak or provide workshops for quilt guilds and vend at quilt shows. Glo’s business is e-commerce and she has sold wide quilt backings throughout the US and in many countries around the world. She has expanded her business to include Hot Fix, panels, pre-cuts, kits, patterns, and tools. Glo’s husband is an engineer and woodworker. He turns the seam rippers and creates the quilt hangers she sells. Join us as she helps us to explore a new applique method called Hot Fix. Hot Fix is an adhesive for applique that can be used to applique fabric on numerous mediums such as fabric, wood, burlap, felt, paper, and canvas. Hot Fix can be used by either the seasoned quilter who does applique or the novice who has never appliqued previously. This new approach to applique can be stitched around the applique like traditional methods but does not need to as it is permanent and keeps the threads of the fabric from fraying. What a new and useful tool to have in your sewing studio!