Needle Punch

 In this class, you will learn all aspects of Punch Needle. From loading your design onto your frame, threading your punch needle, and actually punching your design. 

June 18, 2021 – 3:30pm
Room: A1
Fee: $45

Student Capacity: 30

Required Kit Fee – payable to the instructor: $58


  • Punch needle with a medium needle and needle threader
  • Bates Embroidery hoop or punch needle frame. 
    • (If you do not have these items, they will be available for purchase at class)
  • Scissors
  • Glasses (optional for some)
  • Additional lighting  – optional (if you are used to using a certain light then bring it)
  • CHOCOLATE  (always helps get the party started!)


Class Registration $45
Available Tickets: 26
The Class Registration ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.


Dawn Shuck


Dawn Shuck

Several years ago my mother gave me a small, stained potholder with a little stamped kitten to embroidery on it. The stitches were irregular and long and did not completely cover the ink that made up the design. On the back of it, she stitched Dawn 1967 in nice even stitches. I was almost 5 years old when I stitched that kitten. So when I say that I was stitching before I could write, I really do mean it. I started sewing with a sewing machine in second grade and the first thing I ever made was a long patchwork skirt with an EXTREMELY large ruffle along the bottom. I know for certain that I probably wore that skirt to school at least twice a week, mending it that often as well. Then one day it mysteriously disappeared before I could wear it to the 3rd grade. My mother denies to this day she had anything to do with the disappearance of my skirt. I started quilting in the mid 90’s and have never stopped since. 13 years ago, my sister introduced me to the wonderful world of wool and I immediately fell in love with everything about wool. Now all of my designs have some wool component in them. I found that Crazy Quilting with wool was a wonderful way to combine my love of hand stitching and quilting.