Zentangle Lynx Ink Work Designs (class added February 1st)

Do you remember how much fun it was to daydream and Doodle? How relaxing it was? It now has a name “Zentangle”. Now you can Doodle on Fabric and include them in your quilts. Unlike the paper we used before, which was soon discarded, you can put your Doodles on fabric and put them in your quilts to be loved and treasured for years. Create intricate Blocks with a piece of fabric, Pigma Pens and a Fabrico Ink Pen. Blocks can be used for quilts, clothing, pillows, bags and more. This workshop is fun for everyone, and appropriate for all levels.

Student Advance Preparation:
Participants should use blue painters’ tape and attach template to smooth flat surface. The sharpie is in case you need to darken the lines on the template or pattern, pins are used to attach the fabric to the template to prevent moving.

3 Hour Class
June 17, 2021 – 8:00am
Room: 1
Fee: $60

Student Capacity: 24

Required Kit fee – payable to the instructor: $39

Kit includes fabric, pattern, Gray Fabrico Pen, White Opaque ink by Tsukineko (Quilters White Out) and printed directions. Extra Fabrico pens available at $3.50 each which can be ordered here on the website. Email Bobbie at Joe@QuiltersTreasure.com with any questions regarding this class or class supplies.

Supply List:

  • Participants should have a black sharpie, in case you need to darken the lines on the pattern
  • mechanical pencil
  • blue painter’s tape
  • straight pins
  • small thin paint brush
  • eraser & ruler
  • Sewing machine (not required)
  • Various sizes of Pigma Pens (.005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08) – Instructor will be using black Pigma pens, but you may also use other colors.
  • A light box could be helpful but not required
  • A phone, tablet, or other device to access the information on Pinterest


Class Registration $60
Available Tickets: 24
The Class Registration ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.


Bobbie Bergquist


Bobbie Bergquist

Bobbie Bergquist is a quilt maker who strives to keep things simple, quick, and fun. In the professional world Bobbie took difficult, stressful tasks and simplified them to teach others. She now brings these same talents into the quilting world. Physical limitations created a need to modify popular traditional quilting methods into something easy to perform. Bobbie realized that she was not alone and has shared this with others who have medical limitations and found that those without limitations enjoyed using the same techniques. What was a necessary modification for one made quilting easier and less stressful for all. Bobbie wanted to make a stained-glass quilt. Joel Bergquist hand painted fabric to be used in her quilt. She was the visionary that saw the need for Quilters Treasure to produce their own line of a commercial print of this uniquely beautiful fabric, making larger cuts and lower prices available for their commercial marble fabric. Bobbie will also share with her class, tips to help be more accurate. She has been teaching & judging quilts for 19 years at most major quilt shows across the USA.