Festival FAQs

1. If I take a class will this give me entrance into the Festival area?
NO – Classes & trunk show/lecture fees do not include entrance to the festival.  If you are taking a class or attending a trunk show/lecture and would also like to view over 400 quilts in the show and visit over 120 vendors, you must purchase a Festival Entrance pass – either in advance or at the door.

2. I have ordered my Festival Entrance Tickets on-line- Where do I pick them up?
Festival tickets will be available at the Registration / Pick-up table in the Welcome area.

3. If I want to leave the Festival and come back in the same day, can I?
Yes! Our Festival Staff will be taking your tickets and stamping each person as they enter the Festival. If you should leave and want to come back, the staff will look for the “Stamp mark of the day” and you may reenter.

4. Can we purchase a 3-day pass at the door?
No. 3-day passes are no longer available once the Festival has begun.

5. I have ordered merchandise online – T-shirts, Pins etc. Where do I pick these up at?
Festival merchandise will be available for pick up inside the Festival area at the KCRQF booth.

6. I ordered merchandise online but want to buy additional items? Will I be able to?
Yes – Additional merchandise will be available for purchase at the KCRQF Booth inside the Festival.

7. Can we bring our own cameras for Preview night to take photos at the Meet and Greet?
Yes, however we suggest that you ask permission to photo anyone. Photos in the Festival area are managed by the Vendor. Please ask their permission before taking a photo.

8. Will you be sending an email with the room assignment for the classes I have purchased?
Yes – We will include any instructions from your educator. If they are offering a kit, those instructions will be included on how to obtain and pay for them.

9. Do I bring my own sewing machine for classes?
No, you don’t need to. Classrooms will be set up with machines for you to use for machine technique classes. We will also have machine ambassadors in the room to assist you.

10. Are there hotels near the Overland Park Convention Center?
Yes, please see the information pages that will give you a link to those hotels that are associated with the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.

11. Will there be a bag check area?
Yes – We will have an area designated and marked for bag check for your convenience.