Jenny Doan

Jenny Doan

When our family (the Doan family) moved from California to Missouri about 20 years ago we never imagined that we’d be running a successful business here. Like many small towns in the Midwest and across America, employment was (and is) scarce. Towns that once upon a time thrived with local enterprise are now left with abandoned buildings and crumbling infrastructure. In November of 2008, on a shoestring budget, we bought a building in Hamilton (two minutes away from mom and dad’s house) and started the Missouri Star Quilt Company, selling a few quilting supplies and primarily offering machine quilting services. Spending very little on advertising in the first few years, our company relied entirely on its creativity to grow. We started a YouTube channel with my mom, Jenny (aka “Momma Doan”), as our instructor, teaching quilting techniques and ideas to beginner and advanced quilters alike. Mom, who had a background in theatre and in being the natural center of attention in any room, had always wanted to be a star. It wasn’t long before Missouri Star became the biggest quilting YouTube channel and mom became a quilting celebrity. She has also taken part in a series of professional tutorials from another company and is now working with Fons & Porter Magazine to be a feature with them.

Half Square Triangle Possibilities Trunk Show
Wednesday, June 12 4:00 – 5:30 pm

Location:  Overland Park Convention Center Courtyard 1

Cost:  $30

In this trunk show you will learn Jenny’s favorite ways to make half square triangles. Then she will fill your mind with ideas for how to make amazing quilts using half square triangles. They are in almost every quilt we make! The possibilities are endless! Come learn a dozen ways to make amazing designs using half square triangles!