Mary Honas

Mary Honas

I have sewn since I was a child, made my own clothing through high school and working years and have been quilting for over 25 years. Quilting has fit with my other interests from the beginning. I was a stay at home mom, volunteering and quilting for 18 years. Some of my fondest memories during that time are from making quilts to recognize the many volunteers I’ve known. When my oldest son started college and with a 3 year old at home, I began teaching quilting evenings and weekends at Harper’s Fabrics & Quilts in Overland Park. I’ve always taught “something”, Sunday school, aerobics during the Jane Fonda craze, my five kids. Teaching is what I love best.
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Machine Applique X3
Friday, June 14, 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Location:  Overland Park Convention Center Courtyard 7

SOLD OUT – Wait List

Workshop Cost: $50

Domestic Sewing Machine
Learn three methods of machine applique. By the end of class you will know which method is right for you! We will focus on fusible web, freezer paper or washaway stabilizer, securing the edge of your fabrics around various shapes including stems, circles, curves and points. Thread choices will be discussed and considered–mono filament or cotton, clear or color. Mary will help you choose the stitch best suited to the design. Explore the possibilities.

Supply List
I am happy to provide a kit for our time together. (no additional cost) It will include one plain fabric square and one pieced block. The fabrics we will applique are included. Also included are the fusible (I like Steam A Seam 2 Lite), wash away stabilizer and freezer paper we will use to make your applique shapes. A pre-wound bobbin and an open toed applique foot is provided on the machines.

You will learn all three methods of preparing your design for machine stitching. Finally, you will havethe opportunity to try all three stitches I sometimes use for applique—straight, zig-zag and button hole. We may be adventurous and try some other stitches as well!

What you need to bring:
Fabric scissors
Scissors for cutting freezer paper and Steam A Seam 2 Lite.
Small, very sharp scissors for clipping curves and into points. I have a pair of the stork embroidery scissors that work well for me—a gift from my mom.
Thread snips. You “could” possibly use the same scissors for all four purposes. Personally, I have different scissors for each of them. In choosing, think of the purpose.
Seam ripper or stiletto.
Purple Thang™ (You will want one!)
Rubber Cement (I have the best luck finding this at Wal-Mart in the scrapbooking supplies.)
Glue Baste-It or Elmer’s Glue with an extremely fine tip
Mechanical pencil
Roller ball pen of your preference

A word about thread: We will be talking about thread in class. Each applique artist I know has a different preference. Mine is Aurifil 50 wt. or if I can find it, DMC cotton embroidery thread. Bring what you can find easily. Aurifil is becoming easier to find. Mettler will work. So will Gutterman. I prefer not to use Coats & Clark. Some like a monofilament. I don’t usually use mono. If I use it I like Sulky polyester. It comes in clear (for use on light fabrics) and smoke (for use on dark).

For colors, a taupe or medium tan works well and blends in with most fabrics. Or go with black for a more primitive look. Bring at least one spool of 50 wt. thread purchased this year.