Naomi Ullum

Naomi Ullum

Naomi holds a C.D.A.(2000) and the M.D.A. floral portion of the Master Decorative Artist, (2009) through the Society of Decorative Painters. She has studied under many of our nation’s best Master Decorative Artists. She has been teaching painting classes on a regular basis at several venues including national conventions, the SDP headquarters, and 2nd street Gallery in Wichita for many years. She has enjoyed the privilege of serving as Professor of art for 12 years at Central Christian College of Kansas retiring in 2017. She has been teaching art for over 25 years and is Artist in residence at Special Treasures Studio in Hutchinson, KS. At her working studio; a variety of artistic endeavors are produced on a regular basis such as large murals, designing and creating stained glass art pieces, sewing & quilting; painted and fired glass projects, painted statues, stroke-work and floral paintings to name a few. Weekly classes in several media are currently taught in Wichita at 2nd Street Gallery & Studio on Monday mornings and in Hutchinson at her studio on Monday evenings. She is currently teaching a series of seminars on color theory from her new book. The Artist experiences inspiration and delight in the creativity of God & finds purpose and fulfillment in life by serving others in the educational environment.

Color Planning for Quilters
Saturday, June 15, 12:00 Noon – 6:00 pm

Location:  Marriott/Sheraton Juniper

Workshop Cost:  $85

A practical hands on approach to color theory and its application to quilting and designs: This 5 hour class includes: Posters, Power-Point presentation, quilt examples, lecture & discussions with hands-on fabric swatch experiments that help each participant apply each portion of the 2 part lecture. Some of the valuable topics include; Color information such as: Hue, Value, Intensity, Toner, Temperature, and Design applications including the use of Prints, Dominance, Design & Harmony.

Each participant receives a handbook with 125 fabric swatches and is invited to bring plenty of additional 3 inch fabric swatches, quilt patterns & quilts to apply the lessons to and refer to for asking questions.

Sharing Color management principles with Artists & Quilters
Each Book contains:
♦ over 75 pages of text & lessons illustrated in full color;
♦ Color Wheel—5.5 inches double sided
♦ Value Finder Card
♦ 7 sheet protector pages with the color families printed on them
♦ 125 fabric swatches organized into 14 sets of color families. &
♦ Extra pages for note taking.

Supply List –

A variety of 3 x 3 inch fabric squares for you to add to those I am bringing for you. (The ones I bring will be mostly solids)
Extra 3 x 3 fabric squares if you wish to share or trade with other members during the break.
A stapler or pins if you want to retain groupings after some of the exercises. (I have stapled some of my favorites to paper as samples)
A pencil or ink pen for notetaking in the book.
A smile and a willingness to learn!