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KCRQF 2021 Judged Quilts--Rules

JUDGED QUILT ENTRY FOR THE 2021 KCRQF HAS ENDED - We want to thank everyone who entered a quilt.  You can see all of the quilts in the second floor Ballroom.

How to Enter:

  1. Quilts may be submitted by anyone, regardless of Guild or non-Guild affiliation.
  2. A non-refundable entry fee for each quilt is $40.00 - limit two (2) quilts per Entrant.
  3. Entrants must enter their cloth quilt by submitting an electronic entry form and fee payment. Entrants will be contacted for photograph(s) of quilt(s).

*** All entries must be received by April 15, 2021 to be entered in judging.

*** This is not a juried show.  Entries will be accepted in the order received. The total number of entries will be based on available display space.

  1. Quilt entries will be displayed in the Ballroom of the upper level of the OPCC for the duration of the event. However, KCRQF reserves the right to reject judging and hanging any entry deemed objectionable or too controversial. You will be notified at a later date if KCRQF will not be able to judge the quilt due to subject content or number received.
  2. You will be notified when your entry is received by email.
  3. Emailed instructions will be sent by April 30, 2021 to provide information on delivering or mailing your quilt(s) to the Festival. Pickup information at the end of the Festival will also be provided.

Quilt Specifications:

  1. Entrant must have significantly participated in the making of the quilt top/or quilting.
  2. All quilts must be quilted by machine or hand. Quilting is defined as a running stitch that passes through the top, batting and backing. Tied or tacked quilts are not eligible.
  3. Machine and/or hand quilted quilts must have been completed between the years 2019-2021 and cannot have been shown in a previous KCRQF.
  4. All quilts must have a sewn-on label securely attached to the back of the quilt. Back, lower-left corner placement is preferred. Pinned labels are not accepted.
  5. All quilts must have a 4 inch open ended sleeve for hanging (measuring at least 4" inside the opening). Sleeve must be securely sewn to the top of the back of the quilt. Pinned sleeves and sleeves less than 4 inches will not be accepted. http://www.quiltweek.com/hanging-sleeve-instructions/
  6. All quilts must fit the size requirements noted in the category descriptions. The judge will have the option of not judging quilts that are entered into the wrong category.
  7. Quilts must be in excellent condition. Incomplete, torn, soiled, quilts with strong odors, or animal hair will not qualify for entry or display.
  8. Entry must be in a single, stand-alone project. It may not be framed, mounted, or covered.
  9. Quilts embellished with sharp objects that may be hazardous to volunteers or visitors will not be accepted.
  10. Quilts must be able to be folded, rolled or stacked. Special handling due to ruching, beading, or other embellishments is not available.


  • Categories with fewer than three (3) entries may be canceled.
  • All entries must remain on display for the duration of the show.
  • Ribbons will be given to the top 3 quilts in each category as well as a Judged Show Overall.
  • Judged Show Overall Prizes will be awarded as follows
    • First Place: $750
    • Second Place: $500
    • Third Place: $250
  • The judge’s decisions are final.
  • KCRQF Board reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate, as per #4, or fails to meet entry requirements.
  • Guidelines for retrieving your quilt at the end of the show will be provided via email by April 30, 2021.

Questions may be asked via emailing: judging@kcrqf.com

2021 Judged Quilt Categories

Large Quilts:
Large quilts are defined as having no side less than 60 inches and no side greater than 96 inches (even if hung horizontally).
LP100--Pieced: predominate technique is pieced. Machine or hand quilted.
LA100--Applique: predominate technique is applique. Machine or hand quilted.

Small Quilts:
Small quilts are defined as having no side smaller than 24 inches or greater than 59 inches. Includes wall hanging, crib, lap, etc.
SP200--Pieced Small: predominate technique is pieced. Machine or hand quilted.
SA200--Applique Small: predominate technique is applique. Machine or hand quilted.

No side less than 24 inches and greater than 96" (even if hung horizontally). Original design of the entrant. Machine or hand quilted.

No side less than 24 inches and greater than 96" (even if hung
horizontally). Must incorporate characteristics of modern quilts: high contrast/graphics, alternate grid work, minimalism, asymmetry, expansive negative space, improv piecing/applique. Machine or hand quilted.

No side less than 24 inches and greater than 96" (even if hung
horizontally). Any technique. Quilter must be 18 years or younger at time of show. Machine or hand quilted.

No side less than 24 inches and no side greater than 96 inches (even if hung horizontally). Includes machine embroidery, whole-cloth, crazy, mixed media, collage. Machine or hand quilted.

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Meet Our Judge - Sandy Gard

Sandy is a self taught seamstress and quilter.  At the age of six, she was cutting and sewing clothes for her dolls by hand.  At the age of eight she had her first experience at hand quilting.  At her grandmother’s farm house in Sulphur Springs, Texas, all the neighbors gathered and they lowered the quilting frame from the living room ceiling. They all sat around the quilt, quilting and visiting.  The love of quilting began.  It has been a lifelong love affair. 

Sandy has had a homebased sewing business for 21 years.  In 2007, Sandy purchased a Gammill long arm quilting machine. She has been successfully quilting for customers since then. Sandy has quilted over 1000 customer quilts.

In 2014, Sandy entered the NQA Judging program. She has spent four years working with certified judges and judging quilt shows. She received her NACQJ certification in 2019. She holds positions on four local quilt guild boards and is judging coordinator for one.

My philosophy as a judge is to use the knowledge I have to teach and encourage quilters to improve their quilting skills and take their quilting to the next level.

Her personal statement: Quilting is a time honored tradition. I love the history and future of quilting and I love promoting the tradition to new quilters of any age.

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Thursday, June 17th 2021


Friday, June 18th 2021


Saturday, June 19th 2021


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Overland Park Convention Center

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Overland Park, Kansas 66211