Special Collections


In honor of Missouri’s Bicentennial, the 2021 Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival will be
showcasing two Special Collections.


Missouri Bicentennial Quilt

Since the pioneer days of the American Midwest, quilts have been a cornerstone of Missouri culture, fashion, and tradition. In honor of our great state’s two hundred year anniversary, The State Historical Society of Missouri and Missouri Star Quilt Company, in partnership with the Missouri State Quilters Guild, teamed up to create the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt! With one quilt block to represent every Missouri county and the independent City of St. Louis, the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt showcases the unique characteristics of Missouri culture and style.

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Notable Men and Women
of  Missouri

This exhibit was started in 2008 and was called Women of Missouri/Women of Power. In 2010 eighteen men were added to the exhibit and the title for the men was "Men of Integrity".  In 2011 we combined both exhibits into one category and called the exhibit Notable Men and Women of Missouri.  The quilt exhibit represents men and women in the fields of medicine, art, science, music, poetry, dance, sports, space, history, industry, fashion, education, movies and government.  All the individuals represented in these quilts were either born in Missouri or made their claim to fame in Missouri. 

These quilts have been made by forty-one designers that were or are members of the Northland Quilt Guild and the Nitetime Needlers Quilt Guild.

The Details

Thursday, June 17th 2021


Friday, June 18th 2021


Saturday, June 19th 2021


The Location

Overland Park Convention Center

6000 College Boulevard
Overland Park, Kansas 66211