Showcase Challenge

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival’s 2019 Showcase Challenge

Requirements for the Showcase Challenge Quilt
(Modified April 30, 2018)

Two quilts will be selected to be hung in the Showcase Plexiglas display case.

Depending on available display space, non-winning entries may be placed on display inside the Festival’s quilt show viewing area.

Who May enter?

Any member, or group of members, from any of the KCRQF Participating Guilds may enter.

Everyone involved in the construction of the quilt must be an active guild member. Only hand or machine quilting services may be obtained from outside the participating guild membership.

Quilt Requirements

SIZE – Quilt must measure no smaller than 80” x 80” and no larger than 83” x 83”

COLOR – The only fabric (paint, pencil, crayon, dye) colors allowed are those from the KCRQF logo. Go to or check with your Guild’s Festival representative for an example of the logo.

For reference purposes only, Crayola has given us permission to use their color names to help identify the colors. The colors used must be within a “reasonable variation” of the colors.

Any combination of the listed colors may be used. No other colors may be used. The Crayola crayon colors which have been selected (found in a 96-crayon box) to best represent the KCRQF Logo colors are:

Olive Green Yellow Green Granny Smith Apple Magic Mint Sheen Green – Metallic
Denim Navy Blue Midnight Blue Cornflower Teal Blue
Blue Green Razzmatazz Magenta Cerise Mulberry
Violet Red Laser Lemon Yellow Goldenrod Dandelion
Black white

THEME/STYLE – The design must include at least three (3) star blocks and three (3) nine-patch blocks.

–           Any star block pattern may be used.

–           Star blocks do not need to be the same pattern.

–           The star blocks may not be counted as a nine-patch block.

–           The nine-patch block must be clearly defined. Half-square triangle squares and pinwheel squares may not be part of the three (3) nine-patch blocks designated as those that meet the design criteria.

–           The nine-patch may be included as the center of a star, if desired.

FINISHING – Quilt must have a 4” (finished) hanging sleeve sewn on the back of the quilt. The sleeve may not be pinned on.

Quilt must have a label attached to the back of the quilt listing each participant’s name and the name of the guild from which they are a member as well as the name(s) for the quilter.

Quilts not having the sleeve or label will not be accepted.

 Quilts with colors other than those meeting the design criteria will not be accepted.