Lori Lee Triplett — KCRQF 2019 Instructor

Along with her sister Kay, Lori Lee Triplett established Quilt & Textile Collections.  In addition to managing their extensive collection of antique quilts and publishing books about their collections, Lori travels the country and world presenting trunk shows and workshops.

We are excited to have Lori participating in the Festival and sharing her love of textiles and quilts!  Here is her description of what you will experience at her trunk show “Out of Africa”:

“Meet Mary MacAlister, a missionary who went to Africa to teach only to become a student of the amazing Africans and their textiles. Mary will regale you with her tales of Africa while showing you a sampling of West African textiles featuring different methods of dyeing, weaving, and indigo resist.”

In addition to the trunk show, Lori will be presenting two dyeing workshops:  “African Indigo Resist Scarves” and “Adire: African Indigo Resist and Dye”.

See descriptions of Lori’s workshops for Festival Here.

Find out more about Lori on their website, Quilt & Textile Collections.