KCRQF 2019 – Experience: An Evening with Ricky Tims!

We are thrilled to offer opportunities to be inspired by Ricky Tims!  One of them is his much anticipated concert “An Evening with Ricky Tims”.

Two dates are available for the concert — Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14.  The setting is the White Theater at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas, where every seat provides a comfortable and excellent viewing experience!

To order tickets for either evening, click here:  https://thewhitetheatre.secure.force.com/ticket/#details_a0Sf40000029oAPEAY

We’ve received glowing reports from friends who have seen Ricky in person and plan to go again!  Here are just a few of them:

“Ricky Tims is a show by himself, regardless if it is teaching classes or conducting a concert.   I could listen to him for hours.  His music is inspirational and tells stories.  He couples his songs with stories of his grandmother, learning to play the piano as a young child, growing up and becoming an incredible quilter. His designs are like no other designs I’ve seen before.  His goals, in my opinion, are to convey to the listener that we too can be incredible quilters if that is what we want, as well as achieve anything else in our lives, even though they may be beyond our reach or knowledge at this time.  I am so thrilled he is coming back to KC to share his expertise, his passion, and to help develop in all of us a continual love for the craft we love — quilting.”
— Judy B, Blue Valley Quilters Guild

“I have seen Ricky Tims perform a couple of times.  He is very funny and entertaining and a talented piano player.  I have taken classes from him and use techniques learned in his class.”
— Deb E, Kaw Valley Quilters Guild

“I highly recommend classes and concerts led by Ricky Tims.  You will thoroughly enjoy both his musical entertainment and his quilt knowledge.  Even if you have heard him before, you should consider signing up for his concert and workshops — it is like going to the movie twice — you will gain new information!”
— Erin C, Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild

“I got to see Ricky Tims in concert several years ago in Paducah with my mom (who is not a quilter).  He is a fantastic showman!  During his ‘concert’, he has quilts on display in the background, talks about some of them, sings, plays keyboard, tells about how he got started quilting, and gets the audience involved.  There were people that had been to more than one of his concerts and his seminars.  He says he ‘doesn’t do hard’, so when he tries a new technique he is looking for a way to simplify it and is always looking for ways to make things he has done already easier.  He is glad to share his knowledge with the quilting audience and the non-quilter.  His ‘classes’ are lecture style and he makes them very interesting.  I went to his ‘Quilt Luminarium’ last March.  It was wonderful.  No, it wasn’t free, but during his lectures he shares everything he does in quilting, even how to dye fabric.  Some of the things he teaches takes money out of his pocket if you go home and do it yourself, but that is part of what he loves about doing this.  I tell every quilter I know, ‘If you get the chance to see Ricky Tims in concert, don’t miss it.'”
— Penny K

For information on Ricky’s Master Classes on Friday, June 14, visit the website Here.

Sign up for one, two or all three sessions of his Master Class Here:  http://kcrqf.com/festival-info/festival-passes-events-classes/


Register Now for Classes and Workshops at KCRQF 2019!

Registration is now open for all classes and workshops offered for Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival 2019, June 12 – 15!  In the coming months, you will learn more about our impressive roster of instructors.

To find out about all the classes, trunk shows and special events, click on this link on our home page www.kcrqf.com“Follow this link to begin planning your festival experience!” 

We’re excited to host our first “Preview Night” on Wednesday evening, June 12 — proceeds will benefit two sewing related non profits, The Sewing Labs and Once We Were Refugees.







We are also happy to be presenting “An Evening with Ricky Tims” on Thursday and Friday evenings, June 13 and 14.  The venue for this is The White Theater at Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas.   All information is available HERE.

Looking forward your joining us for KCRQF 2019!