Welcome to the 2023 KCRQF!


The Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (KCRQF) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of connecting quilters with the education, skills, information, and resources they need to stimulate an interest in quilting and to promote and advance the knowledge of quilting in all its forms.

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“SquareDance” by Shari Novak Johnson and Sandra Morgan Cockrum

Kansas City is nicknamed the “City of Fountains”, but in June 2023, it will become the “City of Quilts.”

Festival Endorsement

If you are on the fence about attending the KCRQF quilt festival, let me quell any negatives you may have. I have been both a vendor and an instructor at this festival since the beginning, and I can say without a doubt that this festival combines all the best aspects into one:

  • It features the best in classes, offering a wide variety of choices - sign up early!
  • It continues to expand to bring in new and your favorite vendors.
  • From my perspective, from ingress to egress, it is the best-run quilt festival in the country - and the only quilt festival that is run completely from a grouping of Guilds all working together.

In short - it is a quilt festival that should not be missed!

Sue Heinz - Kismet Quilting