2025 Showcase Quilt


Two (2) quilts will be selected to be hung in the Showcase Plexiglass display case at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall. Prizes awarded to top three (3) winners. Based on available display space, non-winning entries may be placed on display inside the Quilt Exhibit Hall for viewing. (Prize amounts TBD)


The theme for the 2025 Showcase Challenge will be “Celebrating Quilting Journeys”. Join us to commemorate KCRQF’s 10th Anniversary, Midwest quilting roots, and your personal quilting journeys.

Who May Enter?

  • Any member, or group of members, from any of the 2025 Participating Guilds may enter.
  • Everyone involved in the construction of only the quilt top must be an active guild member.
  • Hand or machine quilting services may be obtained from outside the 2025 Participating Guild membership.

Quilt Requirements

  • Size: The quilt must measure no smaller than 80”X 80” and no larger than 83” X 83”.
  • Technique: All or any technique and 3-D quilts are acceptable. The KCRQF cannot guarantee the quilts will not be folded or stacked
  • Color: The only fabric (paint, pencil, crayon, dye, thread) colors allowed are those from the KCRQF logo in addition to white, gray or black. The colors used must be within a “reasonable variation of the colors”.


  • The quilt must have a 4” (finished) hanging sleeve
    sewn on the back of the quilt. The sleeve may not be pinned on.
  • The quilt must have a label attached to the back of the quilt listing each participant’s name and the name of the guild from which they are a member, as well as the name of the quilter.
  • Quilts not having a sleeve or label will not be accepted.
Color Variations
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