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Cindy Farrow

Cindy Farrow is the owner of The Fabric Chic in Parkville, Missouri. 
Cindy made her first quilt block with her mom when she was 8 years old. However, her quilting journey temporarily stopped there until 2012!
In 2002, Cindy’s mother unexpectedly passed away and she found the quilt block she made with her mom.  As it was too emotional, she put the little quilt block away.  Then, her father passed away in 2011 and again she found her little quilt block.  It was at that time she decided to make her first quilt.  Channeling her mom and videos, she started her quilting journey again!  She fell in love with the process of picking fabric, cutting, and sewing…that was it, she was hooked!
In 2016, Cindy left the life insurance industry after a wonderful 29-year career.  In March 2018, she decided to embrace small business ownership by opening The Fabric Chic, a fabric and quilt shop, located in the Kansas City area.
In early 2019, Cindy got her Laura Heine Collage Certification. She teaches classes through her shop, for guilds and other organizations.  She loves the process of collaging and how it has expanded her creativity.  It also gives her an activity she can do with her quilty friends and non-quilty friends!